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As a one-stop industrial metal laser manufacturer in the field of laser cutting technology, Morn Laser strives to empower global metal fabricators with our smart and automatic metal laser solutions. Partnering with top Laser research centers and industrial partners, we keep challenging ourselves, producing even more efficient, precise, and future-proofing fiber laser products to our global customers.

Academic Partners

research and development

Laser Institute, Shandong Academy of Sciences

Research Center for Laser Physics and Technology of Chinese Academic of Science

San Yat-sen University Laser Research Center

Industrial Laser Partners

Metal Laser Patents

Honors and Certificates

High-technology Enterprise of
Shandong Province
Technology and Innovation enterprise of
Shandong Province
Leading Industrial Enterprise of
Shandong Province

Strategic-supported Emerging Enterprise of Shandong Province

Intelligent Industrial Laser Manufacture
Pilot Project

Research and Development Timeline


we start to exporting CO2 laser cutting machine to global market.


we invested in research and development of fiber laser cutting and marking machine.


our first 500W fiber laser cutting machine was put into production, and extended into multi-models covering plate cutting, tube cutting, dual use cutting, and full cover fiber laser cutting machines.


fiber laser welding machine and fiber laser cleaning machine were successfully launched.


Morn Laser was rated as a High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province.


20kW and 30kW fiber laser cutting machines were launched, and shortlisted as the Major Project of High-end Equipment by the Shandong government.


66,000 ㎡ of Xin Tai Industrial Park put into use, expected to raise annual output of fiber laser cutting equipment to over 3,000 sets.

Core Metal Laser Technology

Innovative four chucks,
truly zero tailings

Specially designed for heavy-duty and long pipes cut, high load capacity, truly zero tailings, perfectly match automatic loading and unloading systems.

Automatic loading and
unloading system

Best for mass plate and tube cutting, safe and efficient, save labor cost by half, metal plate loading and unloading efficiency increased by 50%.

Fully automatic operation
from coiled material feeding
to laser cutting

Realize the process of cutting while feeding, which can effectively shorten the cutting time and improve the efficiency of the machine.

Laser welding automatic wire
feeding technology

Intelligent wire feed wobble welding technology, wider seam welding. Self-developed water-cooling mechanism ensures consistent temp of the laser gun and high-quality laser welding.

Six-axis laser welding

Equip laser welding with a robot arm, realizing higher-precision automatic assembly line welding. Metal welding efficiency increased by 70%.

Core Metal Fabrication Process

Auto obstacle avoidance

Laser cutting head automatically responds and quickly lifts up once the workpiece is tilted during cutting, and precisely move to the next workpiece.

Metal bevel cutting

1°-45° full-angle metal bevel cutting, multi-bevel metal cutting allowed including V-shape, Y-shape and X-shape, significantly reducing cutting procedures, cutting time and labor costs.

Lightning piercing

Super fast metal perforation, continuous stability, reduce waste hole rate down to 3%, greatly improving processing efficiency.

Visual remnants typesetting

Real-time recognize, typeset and recycle the remaining materials with just one click.

Laser head vibration suppression

Avoid skipping laser cutting heads resulting from bad material quality.

CE and FDA Certified

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