All-in-one portable laser welder makes outdoor welding easier, wobble welding raises welding quality.

Integrated Fiber Laser Welding Machine

melting width
Maximum melting
depth (double-side)
laser power

Benefits you can get from our integrated fiber laser welding machine

Compact and easily
Eco-friendly welding
Ultra-high welding
Reduced labor and
welding costs

See How Morn Laser integrated handheld laser welder advance your factory’s productivity

Integrated portable laser system for flexible welding

Small body, huge energy

Morn Laser new generation of all-in-one laser welder integrates laser, chiller and software control with unique advantages including small footprint, easy movement, and powerful functionality. Compact and portable body enhances welding experiences for various scenarios such as custom parts welding, sheet cabinet welding, large-scale pipeline welding, irregular pipe welding, etc.

Wobble welding improves welding quality

Significantly reduce welding defects

Our unique wobble laser welding gun equips a highly interactive control system. It expands the tolerance range of the processed parts and the width of the welding seam, solves the shortcoming of small light spots, and makes the welding seam better. Ergonomic design, light and comfortable in grip, promises long-term work without fatigue.

Multi-welding modes enhance your ability to solve diverse welding challenges

Maximum welding capability with multi-welding modes

Non-contact welding makes welding of all kinds of hard-to-reach places easy.

Diversified welding nozzles satisfy all kinds of welding requirements, such as spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, vertical welding, flat filler welding, internal and external filler welding. The welding of workpieces with complex seams or irregular shapes become so easy.

Safety clip ensures operator’s safety

Worry-free welding

Our handheld laser welder has a safety clip to protect operators during work. The laser will not go out from the laser gun unless the welding gun touches the metal. Your safety is fully guaranteed.

Long-distance welding makes easy large object welding

Custom fiber cable length adapts to wide working scenarios

Set with movable pulleys, you could overcome the limits of fixed workstation and freely move your welding station to wide working environment scenarios. Custom fiber allows you to weld large objects and places that are hard to reach.

Auto wire-feeding device works perfectly even on poorly fit-up parts

Bridge larger gaps than self-fusion welding

Equipped with a specially designed filler wire device, our laser welder effectively prevents welding cracks, improves the joint performance, and ensures the stability and consistency of the welding process. It helps bridge bigger gaps and shows high tolerance on workpieces and assembly. With this tool in hand, you will no longer suffer from errors in the fixture or workpiece and bridge larger gaps much more than that of the self-fusion welding. Lastly, the feeding speed could be freely changed.

Simple operation saves your costs on labor

Even a green hand could get the swing of it quickly

Curb your labor expenses with this handheld laser welder. It requires no senior technician and even a green hand could get started with laser welding in a few hours.

Application & welding samples

Favored by fabricators of precision processing, medical equipment, electronics, battery aluminum shells, connectors, hardware accessories, kettles, sinks, clock precision parts, automobiles, this handheld laser welder fits for welding of thin metals and welds stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals effortlessly.

Integrated Fiber Laser
Welding Machine

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reviewd on 09/12/2021
Handy and Efficient Tool

“Morn’s handheld laser welder is such a handy tool. Super useful and efficient. My customers are amazed at my welding work. Recommend!”

Welding supervisor

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Machine Parameters
Model MT-W1000 MT-W1500 MT-W2000
Laser Power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Output power tunability(%) 10-100%
Laser head Handheld Type
Laser wavelength 1080±5nm
Spot size φ0.1-5mm
Welding depth 1-3mm
Welding Parameters
Material Thickness Single Side Weld Thickness Double Side Weld
Stainless Steel Up to 5mm Up to 10mm
Galvanized Steel Up to 5mm Up to 5mm
Mild Steel Up to 5mm Up to 5mm
Copper Up to 1mm Up to 2mm

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