High-quality cuts over the entire sheet thickness range.
Safe and clean cutting environment for each workday.

Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

linkage speed
Maximum SS cutting
Maximum laser

Benefits you can get from our full cover fiber laser cutting machine

Safe and pollution-
Robust mechanical
Enhanced efficiency
and accuracy
Extremely low
operating costs

See how Morn Laser full cover laser cutters transform your factory

Run your factory in full efficiency

Productive design with solid structure

Double exchange platform

Auto up & down chain-type parallel pallets system keeps your production flowing without machine stop. With an immediate switch, you benefit from the fastest speed of pallet exchanging.

Automatic loading and unloading system

Keep your production flowing continuously with our auto loader. It is best for mass cutting of plates and tubes, which saves huge labor cost and improves efficiency by 50%.

Ultra large cutting area

Customizable ultra large cutting format as large as 2500mm*12000mm.

Robust mechanical structure stands the test of time
The overall mechanical structure maintains extremely high precision and low vibration and deformation under the conditions of ultra-high
acceleration and speed

Ultra-high tensile aluminum crossbeam

High-grade aviation aluminum crossbeam processed by 10,000 tons of extrusion production technology;
Excellent mechanical properties with weight reduced by 20% and rigidity increased by 60%;
High temperature resistance improves running stability;
Lightest weight, highest responsiveness, highest accuracy.

Heavy-duty plate welding bed

Strengthened burn-proof manganese steel sheet welding;
Upgraded segmented dust and smoke extraction structure;
High-temperature annealing, vibration aging,natural aging.
Intuitive operation system with touch control simplifies
your laser cutting process

Integrating CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one, from drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting, metal processing is just a few clicks away.

Improved processing safety
Cutting performance and efficiency
Intelligent cutting head brings highest cutting quality and productivity

Lightweight design stands out with fast acceleration performance and cutting speed

New efficient
New efficient coolingsystem

Realize stable cutting, especially thick carbon steel plate cutting and curved contour cutting

New gas path
New gas path design

Realize stable cutting, especially thick carbon steel plate cutting and curved contour cutting

Highly Intelligent

Realize stable cutting, especially thick carbon steel plate cutting and curved contour cutting

We care your safety and working environment

A fully enclosed structure with exclusive optical fiber wavelength visible protection window and dust removal system that meet EU environment standards. Every detail promises a safe and pollution-free environment.

Thickened full
protection cover
OD4+ level visible
protective window
Efficient partition dust and
smoke removal system
All-round intelligent
monitoring system
Expert high speed cutting database

The powerful cutting process database guarantees rapid cutting of all thickness plates, achieving greater processing efficiency and superior cutting quality.

World-class configuration

Application & cutting samples

Favored by metal sheet fabrication factories, automation lines and large fabrication stations, this full cover fiber laser cutting machine fits for mid-thick plate cutting and cuts carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy metals effortlessly.

Full Cover Fiber
Laser Cutting Machine
of customers would recommend
it to a friend.
reviewd on 10/20/2021
The machine runs very well now

As the saying goes: “You get what you paid for”.We have one 6kW full cover fiber laser cutting machine purchased from Morn Laser last summer. Until now, it is working very well. Before purchasing, I asked for some quotations from Chinese suppliers. After research and comparison, finally I shortlist 3 companies. After visiting China, I finally chose Morn Laser. The factory is very professional. In 2 months, we got our laser cutter installed with the detailed user manual and videos.

Purchasing manager
Jeff Dalessio
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Machine Parameters
Model MT-L1530FH MT-L2040FH MT-L2560FH
Working Area 3000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2500mm
Laser Power 2000W/3000W/4000W/6000W/8000W/10000W/12000W/20000W/30000W
RepeatPositioningAccuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum LinkageSpeed 140m/min
MaximumAccelerationSpeed 1.5G
Power Supply AC380V 50HZ AC220V 60HZ
Cutting Parameters

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