Clean Large And Complex Metal Surfaces
Efficiently and Economically

Continuous Wave Laser Cleaning Machine

scan width
adjustment range
laser power

Benefits you can get from our Continuous Wave Laser Cleaning Machine

Maximum cleaning
Growth in productivity
Long-term cleaning
Minimal maintenance

See how Morn Laser CW laser cleaner boost your factory

Clean economically and energy-efficiently with reliable process

A green method for metal cleaning

Clean your metals with our continuous wave laser which requires no complex and expensive waste disposal. Configured with a reliable fiber laser source, this laser cleaner removes tough oil stains, rust layers and residual paints on metal surfaces effortlessly. Start your laser cleaning business now with this affordable cleaner.

Boost efficiency in large area cleaning

Terrific cleaning speed brings fast cycle time

This non-contact cleaner removes rust, oxidation, and paints within seconds. Thanks to a compact body, you could easily take it outside for large-scale cleaning including large steel structures, pipelines, car bodies, aircraft skins, metal towers and more. Remove contaminated layers with utmost speed and reduce production cycle times.

Power up and clean in one go

Super simple operation and mobile cleaning

Our special designed handheld laser head allows you to operate easily – just power up and clean. Like no other laser cleaner, this cleaner is a leading laser cleaning solution combining minimum operating costs, ergonomic design and superior performance. With a compact body, you can take it outside for wide-range applications

Stable cleaning system with effortless maintenance

Safe operation and long lifetime  

The laser cleaning system surpasses the capabilities of standard sandblasting and dry-ice blasting cleaners by a long shot. Being proud of the most efficient method for industrial cleaning, rust removal, paint removal and surface preparation, this handheld laser cleaning machine has added safety for safe operation in virtually any work environment. You benefit from a long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.

Incredibly easy integration with auto-cleaning

360° cleaning for boosted efficiency

Upgraded with a KUKA robotic control system, you will be able to challenge ever-evolving cleaning needs with unparalleled efficiency. 360° cleaning, large objects cleaning and dangerous workplace cleaning, all become that easy.

Application & Cleaning Samples

Favored by fabricators of large steel structures, pipeline, mobile parts, aircraft skins and metal towers, this CW laser cleaning machine handles rusts, oil, paints, coating, oxide layer, resin and other contamination in a more controllable and precise way while making processes more reliable and energy-efficient.

Continuous Wave Laser
Cleaning Machine

of customers would recommend it
to a friend.
reviewd on 09/24/2021
Super technology, Super efficiency

“Eventually, my choice of laser cleaner came down to this efficient solution that my motor spares business is able to afford. This small cleaner is such a dream tool. Incredible laser cleaner and good service. Highly recommend!”

Owner of Auto Repair Shop
Puneet Agarwal

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Machine Parameters
Model MT-CL1000 MT-CL1500 MT-CL2000
Scan Width 10-60mm
Laser Power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Power Adjustment Range (%) 10-100(adjustable)
Spot Diameter 0.08mm
Laser Wavelength 1080nm
Fiber Length 8m-10m(customizable)
CW Laser Cleaning Efficiency
Model Material Layer thickness Core diameter Light beam Frequency Light path Spot size Cleaning speed Cable diameter Cleaning times Cleaning efficiency
RFL-C1000X oxide layer ≤25µm 50µm 6 20-5000Hz f=170 113µm 8mm/s 50mm 1 1.4㎡/h
≤50µm f=170 113µm 15mm/s 50mm 4 0.67㎡/h
≤75µm f=170 113µm 15mm/s 50mm 8 0.34㎡/h
Rust ≤30µm f=170 113µm 25mm/s 50mm 1 4.5㎡/h
≤60µm f=170 113µm 20mm/s 50mm 1 3.6㎡/h
≤100µm f=170 113µm 10mm/s 50mm 1 1.8㎡/h
Paint/cladding ≤200µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 5 0.65㎡/h
≤400µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 8 0.4㎡/h
≤600µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 10 0.32㎡/h
RFL-C1500X oxide layer ≤25µm 50µm 6 20-5000Hz f=170 113µm 12mm/s 50mm 1 2.16㎡/h
≤50µm f=170 113µm 12mm/s 50mm 3 0.72㎡/h
≤75µm f=170 113µm 12mm/s 50mm 5 0.43㎡/h
Rust ≤30µm f=170 113µm 40mm/s 50mm 1 7.2㎡/h
≤60µm f=170 113µm 30mm/s 50mm 1 5.4㎡/h
≤100µm f=170 113µm 15mm/s 40mm 1 2.16㎡/h
Paint/cladding ≤200µm f=340 227µm 8mm/s 90mm 3 0.864㎡/h
≤400µm f=340 227µm 8mm/s 90mm 5 0.518㎡/h
≤600µm f=340 227µm 8mm/s 90mm 6 0.432㎡/h
≤800µm f=340 227µm 8mm/s 90mm 7 0.37㎡/h
≤1000µm f=340 227µm 8mm/s 90mm 8 0.32㎡/h
≤1200µm f=340 227µm 8mm/s 90mm 9 0.288㎡/h
RFL-C2000X oxide layer ≤25µm 50µm 6 20-5000Hz f=170 113µm 15mm/s 50mm 1 2.7㎡/h
≤50µm f=170 113µm 15mm/s 50mm 3 0.9㎡/h
≤75µm f=170 113µm 15mm/s 50mm 5 0.54㎡/h
Rust ≤30µm f=170 113µm 50mm/s 50mm 1 9㎡/h
≤60µm f=170 113µm 35mm/s 50mm 1 6.3㎡/h
≤100µm f=170 113µm 20mm/s 40mm 1 2.88㎡/h
Paint/cladding ≤200µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 3 1.08㎡/h
≤400µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 5 0.65>㎡/h
≤600µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 6 0.54㎡/h
≤800µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 7 0.46㎡/h
≤1000µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 8 0.4㎡/h
≤1200µm f=340 227µm 10mm/s 90mm 9 0.36㎡/h

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