Please tell us your detailed requirements, such as the type, size and thickness of processing materials, then we will recommend the most suitable machine for you. Please tell us your requirement by filling this form.

This needs to be selected according to your specific needs. For cutting machines, if you have gantry cranes for loading and unloading and want to save costs, you can choose a single-platform laser cutting machine. If you want a machine that meets the safety standards better, you can choose a machine with a safety casing. For pipe cutters, if you need to cut longer materials (12m) and have higher precision requirements, then you need to choose more chuck pipe cutters. For more details, please consult our sales team for more details.

In fact, we still need to know your specific requirements to answer the question, because the price difference of laser cutting machines can be huge among different worktops, laser source brands and power. Please contact us for a formal quotation according to your specific requirements.

Our products are cost-effective, not only at preferential prices, but also of excellent quality (we have a set of quality inspection procedures, which include 48-hour aging test and 24-hour light test before delivery) and comprehensive product service (perfect service system before and after sales).

The key components are not produced by us. We select reliable suppliers to assemble and debug the machines.

Each bed of MORN LASER is machined by ourself, thus we can control the accuracy and quality of the bed well.

Every machine of MORN LASER will undergo strict tests before leaving the factory, especially for the aging test of the machine. In addition, our machine embeds protection programs to protect the machine from damage.

The software of our machines are all very user-friendly designs. We are equipped with complete machine instructions. In addition, we will provide you with professional engineers to guide you to use the machines one by one.

Sure, for the product ROI, we will help you calculate it from the aspects of using cost, production efficiency, processing profit, etc. Please contact us for further discussion.

Of course, please contact us. We will help you calculate this cost from the gas consumption, power consumption and accessories of the laser cutting machine.

Yes, please contact us to check more details about sending free samples.

We have many kinds of international certificates, like the most popular CE and FDA. Meantime, we can also assist to supply other certificates based on customer’s special requirements.

You can tell us your country name, then we will show you the nearest showroom, or show you the product by video call.

You can tell us your detailed metal processing requirement. Like what metals need to cut, their thickness, maximum size, etc. Based on your requirement, we will select the most suitable machine for you.

Yes, based on the customer’s local policy, we will offer our customer a whole set of documents for customer’s clearance. For example CE, FDA, packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, etc.

We can promise our machine with high accuracy for years. As our machine beds are all fully high-temperature annealing to stress, ensuring that machines are well used with high accuracy without deform for many years. And we adopt high-precision rails and racks which are installed by skill engineers to ensure the accuracy of the machine. Meantime, machines are inspected by laser interferometer after installation.

Please tell us the metal you need to cut/weld and the corresponding thickness of each metal, and we will recommend the most suitable product for you.

It is professional for common metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum. etc. If your material is special, please contact us for confirmation.

We can supply Raycus/ Max/ IPG/ GW laser sources, and the market feedback of these laser sources is very good. The fiber source recommendation depends on your budget and specific job requirements.

Once you receive the machine, our after-sales department will guide you online to operate the machine. Our engineers will send you step-by-step videos and pictures for your better understanding and operating.

Of course. Please send your sample requirements such as drawings to us, we can record the sample making process and show the sample effect for you.

Of course yes. We are a manufacturer brand and our engineers can design the machine according to your requirements.

The wearing parts are mainly lenses and nozzles. The machine will be shipped with wearing parts included.

Please tell me what product you are welding (preferably with a picture), and the metal and thickness to be welded. we will recommend the most suitable one for you.

We have two kinds of laser welding machines:
The handheld laser welding machine is suitable for welding large workpieces with flexible operation.
The automatic laser welding machine is used to weld precise small objects.

Usually 3mm stainless steel or carbon steel is ok to weld.

Yes, it can weld most common metals

Yes, we also supply customization services for special working requirements to improve cutting/welding efficiency for clients.

Fiber laser wavelength is 1080±5nm. Spot size is adjustable from 0.2mm to 0.5mm.

For a 1kw welding machine, it’s about 5.5kw.

Yes, it is necessary to protect the operator’s eyes, it’s included with the toolbox and we will send one together with the machine.

In summer, please clean the condenser and dust filter of the equipment about 15 days. We will send you user manual of machine and chiller, you can check details.

Yes, sure. System and software are included.

We can check freight cost by air or sea for you.

We will choose different power for you according to the cutting material and actual cutting thickness. Morn Laser cutting machine power ranges from 1000W to 30000W.

The foundation is concrete with a minimum thickness of 300 mm; there is no seismic source around the foundation or a shock absorbing groove will be provided.

Mainly oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air. Compressed air is more readily available than oxygen and nitrogen, more economical compared to oxygen and nitrogen, and it is very common to use compressed air as an auxiliary gas for laser cutting.

Shipping cost depends on machine size, shipping distance, etc. For different cutting sizes, container sizes vary. Different countries and cities, sea freight varies. For the specific cost, please consult us for more details.

We have a strict quality control management system from components, production process to commissioning. When you receive the machine, you can do a cutting test with the guidance of our after-sales engineer. If the cutting surface is smooth and there is no slag, the cutting quality is good. If there is a problem, please let us know, we will assist you to solve it.

We can take care of product shipping by sea or air. For sea transportation, We will choose different containers according to the size of different machines.

Yes, we have customization service according to your materials, thickness , cutting area and other requirements.

Please check the optical path to see if the beam decay is caused by the angle of the lens or the cleanliness of the lens. After the laser is used for a period of time, there will be a certain degree of beam decay.

From CNC machine quality, after-sales service and company size inspection, choosing Morn Laser is the easiest way.

Yes, we also sell CNC accessories. Since our customers will need accessory replacements in the future, we are responsible for our customers’ long-time after-sales service till the termination of the machine.

You can tell us your country name, then we will show you the nearest showroom, or show you the product by video call.

Yes, we have. Our experienced after-sales service team will provide professional product and operation training before customers operating the machine.

For the standard model, it takes around 10 days. We have semi-products in stock, which will facilitate machine production and delivery. For customised models, please consult us for more details.

It is not difficult at all. We will provide user manual, software manual and professional online training. Meanwhile, our professional after-sales service team will share product installation and training cases to help you better navigate the machine operation.

Yes, we provide 2 years’ whole machine warranty on products and provide our after-sales service till the machine’s termination.

For new hands who may want to start a business with low investment, we will recommend our cost-effective model and power, which can help you control the investment cost well. For more details, please talk to one of our sales consultants.

Sure. We provide different models to fit different users’ needs. Please contact us for machine recommendation and comparison.

We have partners in different countries around the world. Please share your location and we will check back with a nearby partner to help you in your local place.