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Morn Laser has the machines and tools your business needs for laser cutting, welding, cleaning and marking. With decades of expertise, Morn Laser provided industrial approved laser tools to meet the needs of extensive applications across industries.

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Laser Cutting Applications

  • Laser Cutting Applications

  • Laser Welding Applications

  • Laser Cleaning Applications

laser cutting applications

Construction Machinery

laser welding applications

Electronic equipment

Kitchen Applicants

laser cleaning applications

Agriculture Mechanical

Automobile Parts

Lithium Battery

Heart Pacemaker

Hermetically Sealed Relay

laser cleaning applications

Automobile parts


Storage Rack


Doors and Windows

Kitchen Applicants

Cooking Utensil

Stainless Steel Derusting

Sink Cleaning

Mould Cleaning

Tier Cleaning

Gear Derusting

High-speed Rail Derusting

Brake Pad Cleaning

Laser cut advantages

Buyer's guide of metal lasers


An accuracy of ±0.01 mm enable a high precision without any after-treatment


Quicker than mechanical cutting especially with complex cuts within the same material thickness.

Edge quality

Smooth edge quality in either sheet, plate, tube or irregular shapes.


Little manual labour required, resulting in lower costs compared to traditional cutting methods.


Configured to cut different metal sheets and pipes.


Save cost for mould making and energy consumption

Environment friendly

Reduced contamination of the workpiece