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    Please tell us your detailed requirements, such as the type, size and thickness of processing materials, then we will recommend the most suitable machine for you.

    This needs to be selected according to your specific needs. For cutting machines, if you have gantry cranes for loading and unloading and want to save costs, you can choose a single-platform laser cutting machine. If you want a machine that meets the safety standards better, you can choose a machine with a safety casing. For pipe cutters, if you need to cut longer materials (12m) and have higher precision requirements, then you need to choose more chuck pipe cutters. For more details, please consult our sales team for more details.

    In fact, we still need to know your specific requirements to answer the question, because the price difference of laser cutting machines can be huge among different worktops, laser source brands and power. Please contact us for a formal quotation according to your specific requirements.